Author Spotlight: S.M. Shade

I fell in love with her books in 2015 and have been lucky enough to have been a part of her ARC team since 2017. She has a variety of all different types of books and you really can’t go wrong. Whether it’s comedy, rock star or suspense from the moment you read the first word of her book, reality falls away and all of a sudden you are in the midst of a world created by Shannon Shade

In 2015 I found the incredible Striking Back series. The first book Everly had me hooked. I was immediately immersed in a world with the Reed brothers. This group is a lot more than meets the eye and one by one as you fall into these suspenseful and at times heartbreaking books you get to see each brother fall in love. I adored the relationship between these brothers.

Alex, the last book in the series was my first M/M romance and I loved it. If you have never read M/M but you would like to give it a try I would highly recommend this as a good one to start with.
The In Safe Hands series is another series that has a group of hot as hell Alpha heroes that have hearts of gold. This group of guys are the most swoon worthy of book boyfriends with the alpha possessiveness while also being sweet to their women.

The Violent Circle series is one of my top Rom-Com series. Every book had me laughing out loud, the banter between couples and the group of friends is by far some of the best I have read. You can’t go wrong with any of her series.


All That Remains:

Striking Back:

In Safe Hands:

Violent Circle:


Tragic Duet:

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