Cooking Recipes, Straight Off the Pages

Have you ever been reading along and a food or recipe is mentioned and you think to yourself “that sounds good” but then you just kind of forget about it.

A few weeks ago I was reading That Secret Crush (Getting Lucky, #3) by Meghan Quinn and it kept mentioning Mac & Cheese with Doritos so I messages her and asked if she had a recipe, she replied with “I wish I had recipes for all the things I wrote into books”. Of course, that meant I had to find a delicious recipe so I could send it to her.

I asked #ReadingHusband if it sounded good and we decided we were going to make it and yesterday we did, that’s when I came up with this “Cooking Recipes, Straight Off The Pages”. When I come across recipes or foods mentioned in a book I’m reading we will find recipes to try then share it with all of you.

I was going to try out different Dorito Mac & Cheese recipes but everyone loved the first one so we are sticking to that one.
I added some photos but next time I will take more along the way. The saucepan with way too much flour would be because Reading husband added 2 cups of flour instead of 2 Tablespoons 🙄🙄

Final Product

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