Kate Stewart ~ Author Spotlight

I found Kate Stewart in 2015, The first book in The Reluctant Romantics was recommended by Amazon and I will forever be grateful for that. The way this author tells a story is mesmerizing.

Her books have tragedy, angst, heartbreak, swoon worthy heroes. You feel with these characters as they reach their lowest lows and their highest of highs, their pain is your very own as are their triumphs. Some will break you; the characters feel so real when you reach the end it’s like saying goodbye to a dear friend.

The first book in The Balls in Play series is a masterful romantic comedy. There’s no other way to say this, so here it is, I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. Of course, I had to recommend it to my sister and while she was reading, she called me, it took 10 minutes for her to utter a few words, she was laughing so hard she couldn’t talk. This series is everything you could want in Romantic Comedy, laugh out loud scenes, witty banter between each couple and the group of friends. It’s the perfect mix of laughs and feels.

Then came The Brave Line, Someone Else’s Ocean and Drive, when these books came out, I had obviously already been a fan of Kate Stewart, I thought I knew what to expect, I had read every book she had written at this point, I didn’t, not at all. These books are complete standalones, each one has some elements I have said above but they are also so much more, these books are ones that don’t leave you when you reach the end, the characters, the story and the beautiful message woven in the pages are things that stay with you for a lifetime.

I was lucky enough to be added to her review team in November 2019, in time for The Guy on the Left (The Underdogs Book 2). Another epic world created from the mind of Kate Stewart, emotional, angsty, swoony, gripping tales of people trying to survive what life throws at them so they can live their best life. #MustReadAuthor #AllTheFeels

The Reluctant Romantics

Balls in Play Box Set:

The Brave Line:

Kate Stewart Amazon Author Page:

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