BEST FRIENDS DON’T KISS by Max Monroe ~ Blog Tour


The intro to Luke and Ava’s story had me laughing out loud which was only a taste of the laughs, swoon and steam that was to come.

Luke and Ava had sizzling chemistry and I think anyone who had ever laid eyes on them throughout their friendship could see that they were meant to be more than friends. Ava was a character I related to on a deep level, like her, I have trouble saying something that may hurt someone’s feelings, even when it leaves me in an uncomfortable position.

Luke was a full swoonfest, his protectiveness of Ava, his ability to read her, he was the calmness to her storm. The witty banter they shared brought laughter and giggles out of me and created a deliciously slow buildup of tension between them.

The meddling ways of Thatch Fluffing Kelly and his band of OG billionaires makes me wish I could give more than 5 stars. The added a whole new level of laughs and ridiculousness to Ava and Luke’s story. Thatch didn’t just want Luke to “spill the tea”, he wanted it spilled then roll around in it with his equally insane but lovely wife, Cassie. The way that Thatch loves his friends is something I wish everyone had.

Max Monroe proves again they have an extraordinary ability to infuse the pages of their story with genuine laugh out loud moments, well placed moment to induce giggles, exceptionally written witty banter, swoon worthy men, sassy women, steam, all the while tugging at your feels and making a few tears leak out.

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