CALLOUS PRINCE by Becker Gray Release Date: February 9th     AVAILABLE NOW Amazon US: Amazon US: Amazon Universal: Apple: Nook: Kobo: Google Play:     Add to Goodreads:     Blurb: He’s arrogant. Intolerable. Cruel. From the moment we exchanged our first glance, Lennox Lincoln-Ward has been out to destroy me. So I keep my head down at Pembroke Prep, and I stay out of the Hellfire Club’s way. Even so, Lennox finds me, seeks me out until he pins me in his beautiful, withering gaze—the same gaze that sends a chill down my spine and an undeniable tingle to other places. Lennox is royalty with a dark past. One that I intend to investigate. I’ll find his secrets and expose every lie that rolls off his tongue. But getting close to Lennox has particular dangers—including his mouth, his golden eyes, and the brutally soft touch of his fingers. I intend to unravel him, but in the end, I may be the one who comes apart, broken in the hands of a callous prince.     About the Author: Becker Gray is the brainchild of two best friends who love rich boys in peacoats. The Hellfire Club is their first series together. You can contact Becker at Connect w/Becker: Facebook: Amazon: Instagram: Goodreads: Pinterest: Website:  
Callous Prince is a quick steamy read with tons of chemistry and tension between the callous hero and the knife wielding heroine.

Sloane is my favorite type of heroine. She’s fiery, sassy, and an array of wicked ways that gives her the ability to go toe to toe with the strongest and stubborn of men which ultimately makes her the perfect match for Lennox.

Lennox is everything we love about our heroes in bully romance. The moment he heard Sloane’s name a fire ignited inside of him fueled by hate and revenge and he spent 4 years making sure Sloane felt every bit of the ire he felt towards her.

In a moment all of the years of hateful glares and menacing words began to change into a fiery tension of a whole different variety. A physical chemistry that transforms into an all-consuming chemistry.

Callous Prince was the perfect blend of callous bully and a woman fiery enough to not cower in his presence. They seamlessly became more than enemies as it was abundantly clear that there had always been much more between them. A storyline that holds you captive and witty banter that brought a smile to my face.

I’m hooked on the Hellfire Club guys and the sassy heroines that will inevitably bring them to their knees.

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