BLIND PASS by Monty Jay ~ Review Blitz

Release Date: February 25

Emerson Greene
Being the life of the party had always been easy until one fatal night five years ago sent him into a spiral of self-destruction. 
A night that cost him, not only his best friend, but also the only woman he’s ever loved. 
The bad boy of the NHL is trying to outskate the ghosts of his past. 
Searching for redemption by clinging to his sobriety and fighting for his spot on the Fury. He never expected that same, brown-eyed girl to walk back into his life with secrets of her own.

Sofia Morgan 
She was not the kind of girl tragic things happened to. 
She had plans. 
She had goals. 
She had dreams. 
But that was before everything changed. 
Now, she is navigating through the card’s life dealt to her. 
Raised by strong Hispanic women she has no choice, but to suck it up and brave whatever storm comes next. 

Except Emerson Greene is not a storm. He is a crash course in trouble. 
Could life be giving him a second chance at his happily ever after? 
Or is their past too much for their future to handle?

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Meet Monty Jay

Monty Jay likes to describe herself as a punk rock kid, with the soul of a gypsy who has a Red Bull addiction. 

She writes romance novels about insane artists, feisty females, hockey players, and many more. 

When she isn’t writing she can be found reading anything Stephen King, getting a tattoo, or eating cold pizza.

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From her debut novel Love & Hockey to the her now 4th book in the Fury Monty Jay continuously outdoes herself but Blind Pass has completely and utterly left me speechless.

If you’ve read the previous books then I’m sure like me you have been intrigued by Emerson Greene the bad boy with a heavy heart and pain in his eyes. I’m not sure what I had imagined Emerson being like going by what had been said about him in previous books but the Emerson that played out in the pages of Blind Pass captured my heart and a piece of my soul. The pain and guilt that this man carried was like an albatross on his heart, his mind, and his soul yet this man found a reason to work at becoming the best version of himself and a year later a blast from his past breathed life back into him and he actually began living.

Sofia is fire, strength, fierce in everything she does or sets her mind to achieve but all of those things are in spades when it comes to the love she has for her child so when she comes face to face with a blast from her past that she wasn’t expecting she is adamant that she won’t allow him to bring his brand of hurt into their lives.

Sofia soon realizes that the Emerson in front of her is nothing like the Emerson from college. They have an immediate spark that starts to gain intensity with every interaction they share until the build up of intensity engulfs them both and some explosive steamy moments.

They didn’t pretend as though they didn’t have a past or a list of things working against them they started with anger but they both grew as individuals and as a couple to make. It was highly emotional at times and I had to stop reading to wipe the tears from my eyes. Their emotions were devastatingly raw at times that felt like a punch to the chest.

Blind Pass is a riveting emotional journey with hurt, regret, immeasurable grief, but also healing, working on being the best version of yourself, witty banter that lightens the heavy emotions, and finding that once in a lifetime love with the person who brings you peace and completes your soul.

This book deals with heavy topics that I feel the author did a wonderful job of portraying the very harsh and devastating facts of such things. She did it in a way that lays out the hard facts with compassion and understanding as to not make something that is incredibly heavy into a “watered down version” of the real devastation addiction brings to addicts and their family. 

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