THE LIES THAT BIND US by H.P. Davenport ~ Release Blitz

I have been in a book slump for weeks, but by the end of chapter 1 I knew The Lies That Bind Us was the cure.

H.P. Davenport brings these characters to life right before your eyes, placing you inside this new fictional world that’s warm and inviting, it feels as though you’ve always known these characters.

Raya stole my heart in the very first chapter, in the midst of devastating heartbreak she held her head high knowing she deserved better, and although her heart had been battered she was far from broken,

Nolan, true story, I wanted to punch him in the face and that was when my seesaw of feelings towards Nolan started a scale of “I want to punch him to ovary exploding swoon.”

Raya and Nolan had the type of connection that never wavered, beyond heartbreak and miles an entity that lived and breathed inside of them.

Raya and Nolan’s story is a roller coaster ride of emotion. A lie that tears them apart causes a ripple effect that inflicts different levels of hurt to those around them causing an irrecoverable change to each relationship in good ways and bad.

This is an intricately woven story of love, in all variations, romantic, parents, siblings, and friends. Their love for one another and at times their anger are felt in every interaction as if you are right there beside them. Each of these were such an important part of Raya and Nolan’s story, from the heartbreak to the happily ever after.

I am obsessed with the Callahan family. The unconditional love and their kindness makes you feel like part of the family and I can’t wait to spend more time with them.

H.P. Davenport has created something extraordinary inside the pages of The Lies That Bind Us. Beautifully written, soul searing chemistry, the emotional ups and downs of the characters bleed from the pages straight to your heart, witty banter that brings balance, unconditional love, steam, and all the groveling to make a deserved second chance romance.

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