CROOKED CROWS by Elena Lawson ~ Review Blitz


Release Date: August 20

Unapologetically f*cked up. Heartlessly cruel. Broken beyond repair.


Corvus, Rook, and Grey – The Crows.


Bred in a world of gang wars, violence, and secrets, they rule the bloody town of Thorn Valley and all the people in it…too bad for me I’ve never been good at kissing ass or keeping quiet.


Even if their savage spirits awaken something inside of me I thought was long dead, I can’t break. I won’t.


They think they scare me, that I’ll run and hide, but the joke’s on them. The Crows aren’t the first monsters I’ve faced, and they won’t be the last. There are worse evils out there waiting to take their stab at Ava Jade Mason.


I say let them try. I’m tired of running. Tired of holding back my darkness. Thorn Valley isn’t ready for a new boogie man. Too bad I’m already here.


Crooked Crows is a dark enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance, meaning the main character will have more than one love interest.


Warning: This series contains foul language, explicit sexual content, graphic depictions of gang violence, and jealous/possessive themes. Recommended for readers aged eighteen and up. Please read responsibly.

Meet Elena Lawson

Elena writes stories 

full of feisty heroines 

and unforgettable 

heroes. She may also have 

small thing for bad boys and often 

gravitates towards the darker things in life. 

When she comes out of her writing cave, she 

can be found obsessively rearranging her 

bookshelves, drinking an unreasonable 

amount of wine, or cooking overly fancy meals 

for her family and friends.

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This is my first book by this author, and certainly won’t be the last.

Crooked Crows is as captivating as it is dark, and this heroine isn’t looking for Prince Charming, more like 3 devils with varying degrees of darkness to match hers.

Ava Jade has made a deal with her only living relative, keep her head down at Briar Hall, stay out of trouble, and graduate. All of these things will set her life down a path she never dreamed she could travel, college.

She doesn’t even make it to the school before she catches the attention of the Crows.

Ava Jade is snarky, with a spine of steel and the know-how to put up a good fight, even against those 3 times her size. She’s lived a hard life on the wrong side of the tracks, and as much as she had wanted to fly under the radar quietly until graduation there’s zero chance of that happening now.

Corvus, Rook, and Grey were adopted by Diesel St. Crow, leader of the Saints, who in essence runs Thorn Valley. There’s much more to the eye than what people think when it comes to these 3.

What starts off with basic assumptions about Ava Jade is cleared up quickly with their first interactions with her. She isn’t going to back down, to them or anyone else, and she’s not going to quiver in the corner, she’s going to throw punches along with a few knives.

The intensity of her connection is palpable with Corvus, Rook, and Grey, but each is unique between each of them and Ava Jade.

Crooked Crows is 50 shades of enthralling, top dark read of 2021. An all-consuming blend of uniquely palpable chemistry (x3), a strong heroine with her own swirling darkness, 3 deviously dark alpha-holes, heart racing suspense, jaw dropping twists, hair raising turns, and red-hot steam.

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