JACOB by Victoria Jayne ~ Release Blitz


Title: Jacob
Series: Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club #1
Author: Victoria Jayne
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Adult Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 31, 2021


Memories aren’t enough.

As the son of Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club’s VP, Jacob “Romeo” Karolsson has a lot to live up to. Going to Ohio for club business is his opportunity to prove himself. If he does it right, he can also use it as his second chance with Sparrow Malone, the one that got away seven years ago.

But Sparrow has goals and a life of her own. As the daughter of a fallen biker, she knows a woman’s place in an MC all too well. It’s her place within the club she’s not sure about. Then Jacob rides back into town and steals her self-control, her decency, and her morals.

Amid lollipops, love letters, and a serenade, their undeniable connection draws them to each other. But their club obligations may keep them apart. In a world where loyalty is everything, they have to decide where theirs lie and what is worth sacrificing.




“You’re sorry?” The deep husky voice came from behind. Jolting, she dropped her apron in startled surprise. With her hand over her chest, trying to keep her heart from bursting through it pounded so hard, she turned.
Unprepared for what she saw, her mouth fell open and her heart lodged in her throat.
She didn’t immediately recognize him. For the first few seconds, all she saw was his height and facial hair. It wasn’t until she scanned up to his eyes. Those glacier-colored pools. She’d never forget them. The light blue irises burned as they bored into her.
The mohawk was gone. In its place, thick dark hair hung just past his chin. Or where she thought his chin would be. He wore a full beard trimmed neatly. It hid the beautiful features she remembered from his youth. Oh, his chin dimple. The little divot she wanted to poke so badly when he was a kid couldn’t be seen.
“Jacob?” she whispered, and her heart resumed its rapid beats for a completely new reason. Was it really him or just another dream of them meeting up again? If she moved, he might disappear. She might wake up. So, she stood perfectly still, staring at him.
He kept his distance, just inside the back room, with the door closed behind him. Muffled rock music came through the walls, along with inaudible conversations from the few patrons of the bar. However, in that room, the heavy silence weighed her down.
In her dreams, he’d speak, but often so softly, she barely heard him. Licking her bottom lip, she worried she’d forgotten his true voice. Then again, would he sound the same seven years later? She willed him to speak, silently pleading with him to say something, anything, just to hear him again. What he’d said before, when she had her back to him, it didn’t count. She wasn’t paying attention. She didn’t know it was him. She did now. He had her full attention. If he would just speak.
Instead, he remained stock-still. His tall, lean body blocked the only exit, but she didn’t feel trapped. If anything, there was far too much space between them. As though her feet were cemented to the floor, unable to move, she took the opportunity to assess him. The grown version of him.
Starting at his feet, scuffed motorcycle boots made her grin. She’d imagined him riding the long hours from Montana to Ohio with the wind ripping through the bit of hair that escaped the bottom of his helmet.
Loose-fitting, faded jeans were torn at his left knee with a chain attached to his belt loop. The left side of her mouth curled upward in an involuntary half grin as she spotted the small—considering he was from Montana, home to many a cowboy—belt buckle.
He wore a faded Metallica t-shirt, which he’d loosely tucked into his jeans. Over it, as was the tradition for every biker, was his cut. Those leather vests were a second skin, only coming off to sleep, and that was if they didn’t pass out first.
She took a moment to appreciate his club’s little patches. Some were standard, like the four F’s he had on his side. Every club had a version of it. She guessed he stood for “Fury forever, forever Fury.” Her father’s was RFFR which stood for “Roughnecks forever, forever Roughnecks.” The diamond on his left shoulder with “1%” in it was far too familiar. His club was an outlaw club, too.
The American Motorcyclist Association commented forever ago that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, the implication being the last one percent were outlaws. It became a badge of honor to clubs like the Roughneck Riders and, apparently, Odin’s Fury.
Beneath his outlaw patch, a “Member” tag was stitched under his road name: Romeo. Immediately that half-smile she had for his belt buckle dropped. Heat flamed in her cheeks. What did that mean? A spike of irrational jealousy rippled through her. The idea of him earning a reputation for seducing women had her clenching her jaw, despite knowing it was a ridiculous reaction.
“Why’d you stop writing?” His voice sounded restrained.
His question, his voice—deeper than she remembered, yanked her out of her insecurity. She had no business caring. She had no claim on him. He wanted to be Romeo, some Lothario biker thinking he’s God’s gift to women, let him. It wasn’t any skin off her nose.
Pulling the lollipop from her mouth, she lifted her chin and took a deep breath. “My dad died.” She hadn’t said those words in a few years. She didn’t get out and mingle all that often—pretty much stuck with the Roughneck Riders family and they all knew. Ducky Oliveira died for his club.


Victoria Jayne is a Jersey Girl through and through. She doesn’t pump gas, she eats pork roll, and grew up on the shore. She lives with her journalist husband and her two darling daughters.

When not writing, Victoria enjoys baking with her daughters, rooting for the New Jersey Devils, thinking of home improvement projects for her husband, daydreaming/planning vacations she’ll never take, and staying up far too late chatting on Discord.

The worlds of Suzanne Wright, JD Tyler, Dianne Duvall, Elisabeth Naughton, Madeline Sheehan, Tillie Cole, Kim Jones, JL Drake, and Joanne Wylde inspired Victoria. After binge reading them, she committed to writing and publishing her own books. She loves discovering new authors and the characters they create just as much as her own.


Jacob is a compelling and addictive start to this new MC series by Victoria Jayne.

Victoria Jayne is one of the handful of authors that writes in third person that I have no trouble being quickly pulled into the story.

Jacob and Sparrow had a crush on each other throughout their teenage years. They were from different states and only seldomly saw one another, but each time they did their feelings for one another grew.

Now it’s years later, Jacob is in a town he hasn’t been to in years, and while he was sent by the President of Odin’s Fury, he has another mission while he’s in Ohio. He’s determined to rekindle what he and Sparrow once shared.

Sparrow has her sights on getting into school and following along with plans that her father wanted for her, but it feels as though nobody in her life supports that dream. She was no longer as connected to her father’s club as she once was, after he passed away she no longer had the “in” of being the daughter of a club officer. She worked at a bar the club owned and had her sights on more for her future.

Sparrow never expected to come face to face with Jacob again, especially not when she was in a relationship with a Prospect of the Roughneck Riders, the same MC her father had been a member of, but there were circumstances that made it strenuous between them.

Sparrow and Jacob’s chemistry was fiery from the start, and no matter what circumstances they found themselves in just being around one another fanned the flames. In the moments one of them slips into a memory of the past they shared it’s clear that what once was has stood the test of time.

My feels were all over the place, right along with Sparrow and Jacob’s as the past and present collided in good ways and bad.

I went back and forth between wanting to hug each of them and other times I wanted to knock their heads together. I was all over the place, but it was right alongside them because there were many different elements of this compelling read that made what should be a hard road to travel.

I can’t with the cliffhanger!! I’m thankful the wait for the next book isn’t too far away.

Jacob is a compelling and addictive start to the Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club series. An engrossing blend of fiery chemistry, a possessive alpha hero, strong heroine, an array of feels, twists, steam, and a cliffhanger that will surely leave you with a book hangover.

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