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 Release Date: September 2

Stevie Foster thought her happy ever after would come easily after saying “I do” to her high school sweetheart at nineteen.

But twelve years later, she finds herself divorced, settling into a new home, in a new town, with a new job as an elementary teacher trying to pick up the pieces as she goes.

On top of struggling to cope with the future she always wanted versus the one she’s been dealt, she soon realizes that her new neighbor is a strict, stone-faced man she’s all too familiar with.

Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher Miller.

The man once in charge of her ex-husband’s unit.

And as if the reminder across the street of what she lost wasn’t painful enough, she also becomes his young son’s teacher.

A single dad. A divorcee. A second chance at love neither knew they’d get.

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Meet B. Celeste

B. Celeste was born and raised in Upstate New York where she still resides with her four-legged feline sidekick Oliver “Ollie” Queen.

Her love for writing began with poetry, which she learned to write after watching her father write poetry for her mother, before she found interest in short stories, novellas, and novels.

After getting two degrees in English and Creative Writing, B has written over 12+ full length novels, been invited to many signings around the world, and hopes to begin traveling to see readers worldwide.

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Make You Miss Me is more than romance, it’s a journey for a woman who had been buried under someone else’s decisions, finding her strength, her voice, and a passion for teaching, her heart being broken, sending her on a path to finding her happily ever after within herself and with a worthy hero.

Stevie had been living her life then seemingly out of nowhere, her husband who’d been her high school sweetheart handed her divorce papers.

The story picks up a few years later with Stevie still carrying that heartbreak, but she’s also creating a new life for herself, one she’s proudly building on her own, self reflection and finding the woman who had been lost while she was doing what others wanted.

Stevie’s healing takes place right before your eyes, page after page, she finds ways to mend her broken heart and build on an inner strength that I don’t think she had before. She becomes more confident and a little sassy at times, even as she moves towards healing. Just like in real life, when you are in the process of healing there are moments you get knocked off course, but she never gives up.

Fletcher is a little moody and a whole lot of swoony. His love and devotion to his son was ovary exploding levels of swoon. Stevie and Nicki shared an instant connection that was incredibly sweet.

Stevie and Fletcher had an immediate spark of chemistry that became much more over time. Stevie was becoming stronger and healing all while falling in love with a man that was so empathetic and incredibly supportive.

Make You Miss Me is an alluring blend of intoxicating chemistry, a swoony hero, a heroine that starts out a little broken, but every page is a stride towards her character’s growth, heartbreak, self reflection, finding yourself, healing, so many things that I myself have experienced as a woman in my 30s, not for the same reasons, but still this was a story that really resonated with me.

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