KNOCKOUT by Jessica Prince ~ Review

Knockout is my new favorite in the Whiskey Dolls series.

Layla was sweet and sassy, with a dash of sarcasm. She was also highly determined, and her positive outlook added to her admirability. Instead of becoming bitter and resentful, she became loving and offered every opportunity to wrap her love around others. She had every reason to be bitter and a list of reasons that could have dimmed her sparkling personality, but instead of becoming bitter and resentful, she became loving and offered every opportunity to wrap her love around others.

Jude began growly with a side of judgy, but it wasn’t long before the deeper, more real parts of him began to emerge, and holy shitake mushrooms, this man will be exploding ovaries all over the world. His love for his grandmother was a genuine swoon fest, and their banter was hilarious.

When Jude and Layla first meet, a spark ignites between them. On the outside, it was scathing looks and mischievous pranks, but on the inside, it was a burning soul deep connection.Every action and reaction between them fuels the fire, and a kiss sets the world on fire. They were clearly made for each other, not just physically, but also in the way they love those who are important to them. It’s fierce and unyielding, and they both deserve to be loved that way.

Jude’s grandmother adds a whole new level of sass and wit to the mix, and she has no qualms about bludgeoning people with blunt truths. I adored the relationship she built with Layla; it felt just as strong as Layla’s relationship with Jude. Every interaction between them solidified the fact that Layla was meant to be their family. When I grow up, I want to be Sybil.

Knockout is an exemplary blend of everything I love about Prince’s books: a strong sassy heroine, a swoony alpha hero, witty banter, a scattering of feels, all set in a world that makes you feel as if you’re surrounded by friends as soon as you open the book, and a meddling grandma who’s as feisty as she is eccentric.

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