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What have I done?

Everything was going so well. I have a job that I adore and I just earned my degree in library science.

I also have the best friends a girl could want, who weren’t about to let my graduation pass without a celebration.

It’s not their fault. They couldn’t have guessed how it would turn out. If I can help it, they’ll never know all those drinks lead to Marty’s satisfied face smiling down at me in his bed the next morning.

My concern when we decided to share this apartment with the guys was that we’d be dealing with a steady stream of women running through Marty’s bedroom, not that I’d be one of them.

The idea is laughable. Yes, he’s good looking. Tall and muscular with golden brown skin from working out in the sun every day. It isn’t hard to understand why women fall at his feet when they see him. But I know him.

This is the same guy who never misses a chance to take his shirt off to flex around women and once asked his Alexa to call him Daddy.

It’s safe to say nothing will ever happen between us again.


I grab my phone and text him.
Me: Dude, I need you to bring some lube to my room.
Owen: Look, you’re pretty, but I’m not interested.
Me: It’s an emergency.
Owen: A lube emergency?
Me: Yes! I got a cock ring stuck. I can’t get it off. I’m out of lube.
Owen: Is today my birthday?
Me: Just help me, asshole!
A moment later the door opens, and Owen walks in to see me sitting on the edge of the bed, my dick caught in the neon rubber ring. He glances down at it, holds up his finger, and says, “Hold one moment, please.” He steps back into the hall.



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About the Author

S.M. Shade is a full time author who is hopelessly addicted to iced coffee, love stories, sunshine, and men with full sexy lips, though not necessarily in that order. A voracious reader since she sounded out my first word, she started writing as a teenager and rediscovered her love of writing as an adult. Originally from Indianapolis, she now lives in a small Kentucky town.

Where to Find S.M. Shade

Incorrigible is without a doubt my favorite laugh-out-loud book of 2021.

Zara is a bit reserved, preferring to observe the craziness in the neighborhood rather than participate in it. She’s also sassy and quick-witted, and she’s unquestionably my new favorite in this series. She had a vision of her future, and it didn’t include her playboy roommate, until it did.

Marty fits into Violet’s circle because he’s outgoing, doesn’t mind making a fool of himself, and has just the right amount of crazy and his own brand of swoon. I can’t express how much I adore him; his easy-going demeanor and wit provided many laughs, but it was the way he supported Zara that cemented his place as a favorite book boyfriend.

Marty and Zara’s chemistry was thick in the air, and you could feel it on every page.The push and pull between them, one pushing away while the other drew closer, their witty banter and close proximity fueled the flame until their chemistry was downright tantalizing.

I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard while reading; I had to stop reading because tears of laughter streamed down my face. This zany group of friends’ antics were at an all-time high, and each of the characters seemed to be extra witty. 

I’ve been reading this series and the previous one set in the same world since the beginning, but there was something extra special in the pages of Incorrigible, and Shade is certainly bringing this world to a close with a bang.

Incorrigible is the ultimate escape from reality, a spellbinding blend of tantalizing chemistry, a strong heroine, a swoony hero, rife with laugh out loud antics and clever banter, sprinkles of feels, and steam, all of which adds up to a top laugh out loud feel-good romance of 2021.

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