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Home » Blog Archive » A GREENE FAMILY SUMMER BASH by Piper Rayne ~ Review


Why can’t you be adopted by a fictional family? Honestly, it’s just not ok that that’s not a thing.

I would be a perfect addition to the Greene family. I’m hilarious, a master of wit and sarcasm, love my family with everything I am, and I’m from a small town so it would be a seamless transition.

This was an excellent Sunday morning read. As the Greene family prepares for their annual summer bash, we receive different points of view from the Greene kids, their spouses, the parents, some potential spouses, and a view from one of the famous meddling grandmas.

A short visit with the Greene family that’s brimming with everything there is to love about this series.

A bit of insight on what’s going on from previous couple’s, and bits of intrigue on what’s to come for the Greene siblings that are still single, although if the meddling grandma duo have anything to say about it, none of them will be single much longer.

It wasn’t all laughs though, my heartstrings were tugged and there may have been a bit of tightening in my chest.

A Greene Family Summer Bash is rife with witty banter, laughs, little indications as to what’s to come, a touch of steam, highly entertaining hijinks by the duo of meddling grandmas, a perfect mix for a laugh out loud feel good story.

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