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Bad Princess by N.E. Henderson ~ Review

This was my first book by this author and I was completely blown away.

Sienna is sassy, independent, stubborn, and has had lingering feelings for Matteo for years. Mattoe is a boxing heavy-weight champion, cocky, and mouthwateringly alpha.

The connection between Matteo and Sienna had sparked long before they ever realized but once they did the connection became a fierce, impenetrable force field that they wouldn’t allow anyone to break, even one another.

The banter between Matteo and Sienna was endlessly entertaining with her fire and sass and his alpha bossiness. Their back and forth was full of wit and sarcasm which happens to be my favorite language.

The storyline had an all-consuming flow. The fire between Matteo and Sienna with suspense, a bit of mystery, and angst, had me rooted in the same spot until I finished every last word.

I loved the family dynamic in the Caputo family. They aren’t just a “mob” family they genuinely love one another with all that they are. Brooklyn could capture even the most intimidating among the made men, Brooklyn and Matteo fit seamlessly into the Caputo family as if that was where they were always meant to be.

The thing about the mafia is that once you’re in there’s only one way out, N.E. Henderson managed to infuse the pages of Bad Princess with an enthralling story that once you begin, you won’t be able to stop, you’re all in with no thoughts of wanting out.

Bad Princess is a flawless blend of electrifying chemistry, a fiery heroine, a mouthwatering alpha hero, witty banter, jaw dropping moments, heart racing moments, moments that will leave you breathless, and steam.

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