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Blurred Lines by Jessica Prince ~ Review


Within a few words, Prince can whisk you away from reality and immerses you in a fictional world that feels so much more. The small towns feel like home, and the characters feel like friends who become family. You’ll find an escape within the pages, and when you get to the end, your heart and mind will be lighter.

I absolutely LOVED Aurora. She was endearing, witty, and sassy. I can’t think of anyone who would be a better fit for Callum. Her sweet and caring nature, her innate ability to read others’ emotions, her sass, every particle of her being was as if it were there to allow her to love a man who had every reason to be broody and closed off. She was a little bit of sunshine mixed with a little bit of a hurricane.

Callum was broody, but it was more than that; there was a darkness within him that you could feel as if it were your own. He’d emerged from prison as a different person, and while some wondered where that Callum had gone, Aurora only knew the grumpy version he was now. I felt that was just another reason why they were perfect for one another.

Gah, the chemistry between Callum and Aurora was ignited the moment they met. Their angry quips and wicked retorts acted as foreplay, creating a painfully equisite slow-burn that became an unrestrained inferno of impassioned chemistry.

I enjoyed their banter; even when they “hated” each other, the underlying connection was palpable. The dialogue was some of the best I’ve ever read, as it went beyond simply being entertaining. It was the meticulous way they fed off one another’s words, but perhaps more importantly, they seemed to forge a deeper connection in the words that were left unsaid.

Each and every emotion that Callum and Aurora have wriggled their way straight into my heart. There were times I could feel myself smiling right alongside them, and other times the pain was so intense that there was a searing pain in my chest. 

Blurred Lines is a top 2022 read and my new favorite book in the Redemption series. An enthralling blend of fervent chemistry, a broody hero, a heroine full of sunshine and sass, extra witty banter, feels, and steam, all set in a world that feels like home and surrounds you with the unconditional love of this incredible group of friends.


There was absolutely no way she was falling for her neighbor. No matter how gorgeous he was.

Aurora Keller thought she’d lucked out when she decided to put down roots in Redemption, Tennessee. She had a new business, new friends, and a picture-perfect little house. There was just one problem, and it came in the form of her six-foot-three tattooed, muscle-bound neighbor from hell, who just so happened to be her best friend’s future brother-in-law. It really wasn’t fair that Satan’s offspring was so nice to look at.

Callum Morrison wasn’t a good man. Or at least that was what he’d convinced himself. After a series of bad decisions that had resulted in the worst years of his life, all he was looking for was peace and quiet. Too bad he bought a house right next door to the one woman he wanted but could neverhave. That was enough to make any man grumpy.

What had started as a war against two neighbors turned into something so much more.

And if they aren’t careful, the fallout could destroy them both.

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