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Breaking Her by Jordan Marie ~ Review


I’m not sure where to begin. Breaking Her is not only a top read for 2022, but it has also cemented its place as a favorite MC book alongside the OG Savage Brothers.

Betraying Her should be read before diving into Breaking Her because it reveals an important part of Lyla and Thomas’s story. To understand their dynamics, you must first understand how they went from friends to enemies.

Lyla is the sassy, fiery, passionate sunshine. She didn’t just forgive Thomas because he was in front of her; she made him earn it. She was a biker princess through and through, and while her father kept her on the outskirts of that life, he made sure she knew how to punch.

Others may see more of Nicole in Thomas, but I can assure you that he has just as much, if not more, of Dragon’s blood flowing through his veins. You know the type; a few dirty words and ultra-possessive comments, and panties all over the world will disintegrate. so hot. Not only that, but the way he seized this opportunity by doing everything he could to prove to Lyla that she was his. He could go from “soft spoken and sweet” to “if you look at my woman 🔫🔪🩸 “

Thomas and Lyla’s chemistry developed in the same way that their relationship did, as innately as breathing. It was as if they needed to break in order to start over, but this time with mutual respect, love, and truth as the foundation. Brick by brick, with apologies and forgiveness but not just flowery words, actions speak louder than words, and the actions between them speak volumes. 

Emotions washed over me in waves, and my heart ached for both Thomas and Lyla. Each of them had their own issues to deal with while also navigating the situation. Their journey to happily ever after is emotional, but it’s also filled with witty banter and wickedly sassy retorts that made me laugh out loud and giggle. The ideal combination of the second generation and the original Savage Brothers made me shed a few tears. Some were sad tears, but more were for the love that poured from the pages between the parents and the “kids.”

Marie has a unique way with MC romance; a few words and I was back in the Savage Brothers’ world as if I’d never left. After spending hours immersed in all things Savage Brothers, I can assure you that I am not prepared to return to reality. Ms. Marie never ceases to amaze me, but Breaking Her goes above and beyond, and the dialogue between her characters is always my favorite.

Within a few words, reality faded away, immersing me in this world, and with each word, I fell even more in love with the original characters, and was intrigued by what was to come in the second generation.

Breaking Her is an addictively captivating blend of soul-searing chemistry; a possessive alpha hero; a fiery heroine; extra witty banter; waves of emotion bringing everything from sadness to laughter; an overflowing of love that brought tears to my eyes; and hot AF steam. Who wouldn’t want to be the hot biker’s good girl?


We were friends and I crossed a line I never meant to.
Now, we’re both forced to deal with the fallout.

Thomas “T” West has struggled his whole life.
It was a silent struggle that few understood.
It left him content to live in the shadow of his big brother.

Except when they both wanted the same woman.

Thomas thought he was finally being chosen first, that the issues with his speech didn’t make him less in her eyes.
He was wrong. So wrong.

When he saw Lyla, he was nursing wounds that touched his heart, but also his pride.
He knew it was a shit thing to do, but he used her.
Lyla made him feel normal, like he could do anything, and a man can get addicted to that feeling.

He shouldn’t have taken her to bed. He knew it, but he couldn’t stop.

Lyla Ford fell in love with Thomas almost at once.
She knew him as the quiet guy who was good to her and made her feel beautiful.

If she had known he was a biker, or why he was truly attracted to her—she would have kicked him in the balls and walked off. The truth always comes out.
Too bad that’s when Lyla found out she was pregnant.
Now, her dad is calling for blood.
She doesn’t want a club war.
Having her dad’s club go against the Savage MC would be bloody and she doesn’t want to be the reason for anyone’s death.
That leaves her with only one option.
Claim the man she despises as her old man.

This is the 2nd and final book for Thomas and Lyla. To understand the couple it is recommended you read Betraying her first.

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Betraying Her (Savage Brothers Second Generation Book 3) 
Breaking Her- (Final book for Thomas)

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