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BROKEN PLAYBOY by Laura Lee ~ Review

Broken Playboy was an emotional roller coaster; I was completely at the mercy of Laura Lee’s words, my heart was a pawn, my mind was engrossed inside the Windsor Academy world, but it was the promise of a happily ever after that shielded my soul from being destroyed by this heartbreakingly beautiful story.

Sydney was effervescent, a little ray of sassy sunshine walking the halls of Windsor Academy. She was the perfect addition for this motley crew of my favorite Windsor Academy students, standing out in a sea of pretentious and catty jealousy-filled girls.

Bentley wasn’t the fun-loving playboy he used to be; unfortunate events had set that fun-loving personality on fire. He still had a cockiness about him, and enough charm to melt a nun’s panties, but they say the eyes are the window to the soul, and his eyes revealed irreversible damage and deep seated anguish. Then someone from his past walked back into his life, saving him while sending him deeper into a spiral; an internal battle raged within him.

Bentley and Sydney had a visceral connection; it was as if a past moment had ignited a spark between them, and when they reconnected, it was soul-searing. Bentley was a storm, and Sydney was its eye. He was spewing vicious words at those around him, but she got the brunt of it, and then there were moments when he showed what was behind that mask. Those were the times that hurt the most.

The past has a way of sinking its claws into you so deeply that you feel like there’s no escape, and in those moments of desperation, you are willing to step over lines to allow numbness to overtake you.

This story was emotionally charged; every pain, heartbreak, and devastating realization seeps through the pages until each and every one becomes ingrained within you. Bentley and Sydney’s heartbreaking journey to their happily ever after will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading the last word.

The dialogue between the characters is hilarious. I laughed out loud, snorted, and giggled along with them as their banter flowed effortlessly throughout; it felt as though you were right alongside them as the good and bad times played out.

Laura Lee’s writing never ceases to astound me; her writing has a way of enchanting you until you’re so deeply ensconced inside the world she created that it’s all that exists.

The Windsor Academy series ended on a bittersweet, yet explosive note with Broken Playboy. A riveting blend of soul-searing chemistry, a painfully broken playboy, a sassy heroine, heady with emotions, every heartbreak, tragedy, regret, sorrow, blissful happiness, forgiveness, unbridled passion seeps into you, witty banter that allows your heart to recover, and scorching steam.
A top-angsty read of all time, and without a doubt, a top read of 2021.

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