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CALLOUS HEIR by Michelle Heard ~ Blog Tour

Michelle Heard’s ability to not only write a story that consumes your mind but also brings the characters emotions to life inside you astounds me more with every book.

Carla has had feelings for Noah since she was in high school but when she expressed them to Noah his reaction was venomous leaving her heartbroken and mine with a splinter. I adored Carla; she was quirky, sassy, and wore her heart on her sleeve. You could feel the flickers of the connection they shared more so on Carla’s side at the beginning than Noah’s but that changed quickly.

Noah had reasons for his initial reaction to Carla’s feelings but as they were now living together at Trinity Academy his perspective of her began to change. Noah is highly intelligent, quirky, and the reigning king of alphas in The Heirs series.

One night of playing a drinking game with roommates ignited those flickers of a connection between Noah and Carla into an all-consuming connection that comes when you connect with the one person that brings tranquility to your soul by just existing.

Michelle Heard’s writing is nothing short of spectacular; she brings The Heirs world to life on the pages. A perfect infusion of an all consuming connection, a sassy heroine, quirky alpha hero, witty banter, profusely emotional, and steam.

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