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CANARY by Tijan ~ Blog Tour

Canary had everything I love about mafia books with an added Tijan spin making this a cut above others in this trope.

Canary ensnared me in the first pages, and I knew I wouldn’t be participating in real life until I reached the end.

Ash is so hard to try and explain, she had so many unique qualities that made her who she was, but she also adapted to change effortlessly, a way to survive in a world where many didn’t make it out alive. It felt like every chapter offered a new depth, and along with that came some new changes to who she was then, but who she would become was a girl that found her strength, and ultimately who she is.

Raize was a soldier, he was a killer that got the job done and got out, an impenetrable force keeping emotions locked up. He had a secret weapon, but that weapon soon became the one thing that could permeate his heart.

The chemistry between Raize and Ash was there from the start yet as it became more intense, even the dynamic between them became remarkably more intense. Raize offered Ash a piece of his darkness, as a storm raged around them, he gave her what she needed to survive it, and on the flip side she was able to offer him comfort in allowing himself to feel. They completed one another, heart and soul.

I loved how this story played out. Tijan delivered not only a unique storyline, but a reading experience that’s second to none.

Every turn of the page pulled you deeper to this world, every twist making you hold your breath in fear or anticipation of how the scene before you would play out, literally from start to finish I don’t think my heart rate or breathing were within a healthy range, and I loved every second of it.

Canary is unequivocally a top read of 2021. A fascinating blend of vigorous chemistry, a delectably dark anti-hero, a heroine becoming who she’s meant to be, rapt with spine-tingling twists, heart-pounding turns, mystery, suspense, an array of feels, and fervent steam.

**If you want the full aspect of everything this book has to offer I would recommend you avoid spoilers and just dive in.**

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