OUT OF THE BLUE by Carina Adams ~ Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can’t get enough of Mike and Molly’s story, no matter how many times I read it. I adore the dynamics of this group of friends; their unwavering love and loyalty pervade every interaction. They may not be blood relatives, but they are each other’s chosen family. Molly is all sass and badassery. She’d been through hell and back, with the heartbreak of the past keeping her awake at night. Outside of the Bama Boys, the people in her life did not have her best interests at heart. Then, in a sweeping moment, she put herself first, and she … Continue reading OUT OF THE BLUE by Carina Adams ~ Review

BROKEN PLAYBOY by Laura Lee ~ Review

Broken Playboy was an emotional roller coaster; I was completely at the mercy of Laura Lee’s words, my heart was a pawn, my mind was engrossed inside the Windsor Academy world, but it was the promise of a happily ever after that shielded my soul from being destroyed by this heartbreakingly beautiful story. Sydney was effervescent, a little ray of sassy sunshine walking the halls of Windsor Academy. She was the perfect addition for this motley crew of my favorite Windsor Academy students, standing out in a sea of pretentious and catty jealousy-filled girls. Bentley wasn’t the fun-loving playboy he … Continue reading BROKEN PLAYBOY by Laura Lee ~ Review

FALLEN ROYAL by Rachel Van Dyken ~ Review

Fallen Royal isn’t something you simply read, you live inside the pages, transported into the Mafia Royals’ world, the blood oath, you feel it to the utmost degree, they bleed, you bleed, and when they hurt, it becomes ingrained in your soul. I am in some sort of in-between, part of me remains engulfed inside the pages, not ready to part with the world that has become my greatest love, my most precious fictional world, not because it’s all rainbows and sunshine, but because it’s not. Izzy is the daughter of Chase Abandonato, she’s unlike the other family, she has … Continue reading FALLEN ROYAL by Rachel Van Dyken ~ Review


Yet again, Holly Renee has taken my ability to speak English, along with bits of my soul with The Taste of an Enemy, this was EVERYTHING! I became enamored when my heart was touched by a villain, but that was minor in comparison, one small taste of the enemy, and I was wholly and irrecoverably addicted to the depths of my soul. GAHHHH, Holly Renee weaves an angsty, twisty tale like no one else, heart palpitations were a side effect of the story, from the way the angst hurt my heart to the tension between Allie and Carson, they were … Continue reading THE TASTE OF AN ENEMY ~ Review

TARNISHED CROWN by Caitlyn Dare ~ Release Blitz

Oh my stars, I don’t even know where to begin, Shattered Legacy obliterated my mind and my heart.   Tarnished Crown disintegrated me to the core and I loved every twisted minute. Tarnished Crown picks up where Shattered Legacy left off and from there the intensity of this story is like a snowball, every page you read becomes more invigorating and intoxicatingly addicting. As this story pulls you in deeper to the mystery of what is happening Gravestone it also builds a stronger connection between Bex and Mia which makes everything exceedingly more complicated in an already insanely complicated situation. Mia … Continue reading TARNISHED CROWN by Caitlyn Dare ~ Release Blitz