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Craving My Rival by P. Rayne ~ Review

My early impressions of the Mafia Academy series and Piper Rayne’s darker side were definitively established by reading Craving My Rival. An all-new addition to my all-time favorite mafia series and a new favorite dark romance author.

I had been VERY impatiently waiting for Craving My Rival to hit my kindle. I made it clear in our family group chat that they may as well pretend I didn’t exist until I initiated a conversation, because until then they could pretend I was invisible. Unless there was imminent death, I was unavailable. It took opening to the first page for me to become immersed inside the Mafia Academy world, and it was a bittersweet feeling knowing this was the final time I would be able to do so with a brand new story waiting to be told.

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Pine River by Tijan ~ Review


Pine River was a bewitchingly enticing mash-up of everything I love about Tilan’s books. New adult angst, found family, and an abundance of steam that can only be attained when an inferno of tension between enemies consumes them.

Ramsay and Scout’s story is a trope lover’s paradise. As though enemies to lovers, angst, a jaded hero, suspense, and a tragic past aren’t enough, you also get a band of brothers and a girl squad. The glares and angry words they share fuel the tension until they become a spicy explosion. The best part is that this doesn’t even cover half of the tropes!

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The Proposal by Adriana Locke ~ Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Proposal is another Locke book added to the all-time favorite list. The way Locke writes family dynamics—sassy women, swoony men—is unsurpassed. The Proposal

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