WICKED EMPIRE by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

Wicked Empire is a wickedly EPIC conclusion to Stella and Seb’s story. The moment I read the first few words, I knew there was no chance of me doing anything else until I read every word, and that proved to be exactly what happened with no conscious effort on my part. Every word intensified my craving to know how this would play out. I’m glad Lorraine opted to make this a trilogy; I’m as impatient as the next person, but each book and the events that took place, in my opinion, all served a purpose in establishing Seb and Stella’s … Continue reading WICKED EMPIRE by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

MERCILESS KINGS by Becca Steele and C. Lymari ~ Review

Merciless Kings was an absolutely mind-blowing introduction to the Boneyard Kings world, with vengeful alpha-holes, an inquisitive girl, dark secrets, and even darker deeds that have yet to be revealed. Everly’s life had been turned upside down, and as if that wasn’t enough, she was sent to live in the United States with an uncle she barely knew. She was making the best of the situation, and one of the things she was doing was going to the same college her father had gone to. I’m not sure how to describe Everly; she was quiet but not meek, intuitive, and … Continue reading MERCILESS KINGS by Becca Steele and C. Lymari ~ Review

WICKED KNIGHT by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

Wicked Knight is an utterly engrossing start to the Knight’s Ridge Empire series; I was glued to my kindle until I finished every single word. Stella is an American, and after years of moving around the country, her father has decided to make another move, this time to the United Kingdom. She doesn’t expect them to stay long, but she soon discovers that secrets are being kept, lies are being told, and she appears to be the one left in the dark. Stella is no damsel in distress; she is fierce, capable, and daring. There are many strong female protagonists … Continue reading WICKED KNIGHT by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

CANARY by Tijan ~ Blog Tour

Canary had everything I love about mafia books with an added Tijan spin making this a cut above others in this trope. Canary ensnared me in the first pages, and I knew I wouldn’t be participating in real life until I reached the end. Ash is so hard to try and explain, she had so many unique qualities that made her who she was, but she also adapted to change effortlessly, a way to survive in a world where many didn’t make it out alive. It felt like every chapter offered a new depth, and along with that came some … Continue reading CANARY by Tijan ~ Blog Tour

THE DECEIT OF A DEVIL by Holly Renee ~ Review

The Deceit of a Devil is the formidable conclusion to Carson and Allie’s story. My heart was in tatters after The Taste of an Enemy and that tortuous cliffhanger, and the only way to heal was The Deceit of a Devil, but before I was healed, I was put through the wringer of angsty feels. Every moment I spend inside The Boys of Clermont Bay world, not only do I become more invested in this addictive series, I become more in awe of Holly Renee’s exquisite story telling ability. Each character’s emotion pulsated through me, every heartbreak, painful word, devastating … Continue reading THE DECEIT OF A DEVIL by Holly Renee ~ Review

THE RETALIATION YOU DELIVER by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review

The Retaliation You Deliver, delivers on all fronts, dark and twisty, engrossing from start to finish, an epic conclusion to Leon and Macie’s story. The Retaliation You Deliver picks up hours after The Devastation You Reap left off. Leon and Macie aren’t the people they were in the beginning of their story, devastating secrets have been exposed and malicious actions imploded who they had been, and set their relationship ablaze. In the previous books, Leon Dunn had been more reserved and most likely to get others to laugh, but always with an air of darkness surrounding him. The moment Macie … Continue reading THE RETALIATION YOU DELIVER by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review


Yet again, Holly Renee has taken my ability to speak English, along with bits of my soul with The Taste of an Enemy, this was EVERYTHING! I became enamored when my heart was touched by a villain, but that was minor in comparison, one small taste of the enemy, and I was wholly and irrecoverably addicted to the depths of my soul. GAHHHH, Holly Renee weaves an angsty, twisty tale like no one else, heart palpitations were a side effect of the story, from the way the angst hurt my heart to the tension between Allie and Carson, they were … Continue reading THE TASTE OF AN ENEMY ~ Review


I don’t even know what to say because Caitlyn Dare managed to pull me acutely deeper into the Savage Falls Sinners MC world, and I have never not wanted to reach the end of a book as I did with this one, and then the cliffhanger broke me. I need the next book more than I need my next breath. It holds the answers that will fix the battered bits of my heart, but will likely cause more before I’m actually ok again, and I’m looking forward to it. Sadie is sass, strength, sarcasm, and stubborn. I love everything about … Continue reading SACRIFICE by CAITLYN DARE ~ Release Blitz

BURN IT DOWN by Julia Wolf ~ Review

Burn It Down was an explosive finale to the Savage Crew series. Don’t tell the rest of the crew, but Pen and Gabe are my new favorite. Penelope was a good girl, follows the rules, intelligent, and quiet. In a moment she let her overwhelming feelings slide out which landed her in a bit of hot water. Gabe is from the wrong side of the tracks, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t get stuck there. He’s a mix of cocky alpha-hole and swoony. I loved him, I hated him, I wanted to hug … Continue reading BURN IT DOWN by Julia Wolf ~ Review

RUTHLESS NOBLE by Alley Ciz ~ Review

I wasn’t prepared for Ruthless Noble, and you aren’t either. I honestly don’t know where to begin, this is only my second book by Alley Ciz, and the conclusion of Jasper and Savvy’s story has cemented a place as one of my favorite authors. I truly have no recollection of anything that took place in real life today because every single part of me was immersed in the Royalty Crew world. My heart was a racing mess from start to finish, and I loved every second of it. Savvy was all sass, sarcasm, and strength in the first book, but … Continue reading RUTHLESS NOBLE by Alley Ciz ~ Review