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Home » Blog Archive » CONSUMED BY DECEPTION by Rina Kent ~ Review


Consumed by Deception was an all-consuming, mind-f*** from start to finish, a supernova sized conclusion to the Deception Trilogy.

It only takes a few words to be thrust back into this insanely dark and twisted world, and I was once again held captive in this world with Adrian and Lia while reality ceased to exist.

There was more intensity in every page, between Adrian and Lia, but also with the storyline. It was a life or death roller coaster from start to finish. Adrian was like a block of ice when it came to anything emotional, but all of the ones he kept on ice had a way of showing themselves, just not in a way a normal person would, he showed it in his growls, possessiveness, and in his eyes because all he saw was Lia, and all he thought about was making sure she was safe, well, and how to punish her.

Lia became more of who she was meant to be on every page, fierce, sassy, and no longer willing to let her words fester inside, she was ready to stand on her own, much to the displeasure of the devious controlling Adrian.

I felt like everything that transpired was the way it needed to for Adrian and Lia to fully become who they needed to in order to finally get their happily ever after. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it was quite the opposite, painfully heartbreaking, making it difficult to see a light, but the unyielding fire that burned between them, made it clear they were meant to be, and they would burn anyone that tried to get in their way.

Consumed by Deception was EVERYTHING. A seamless blend of a mesmerizing, diabolically dark storyline, Adrian and Lia have a passionate level of obsession with one another, he’s dark, sadistic, she’s light, and kind hearted, steam level: mercilessly hot. I’m blown away by this supernova sized ending to this phenomenal trilogy, undeniably my #1 read of 2021

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