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Corrupt Knight & Corrupt Princess by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review


Corrupt Princess continues where Corrupt Knight left off. This isn’t even a slight exaggeration; my heart has yet to get back to beating normally, even after finishing.

There are no less than 16 million different things that take place in this book, but this isn’t the type of story you want to seek spoilers for, so I’ll be extra vague.

Bri and Nico are so far past who they were when we first met them that I’m not sure you can fully grasp it without experiencing it all for yourself. My heart bled on the pages right along with theirs, more than once, and for so many reasons.

Nico was far more broken and battered on the inside than he ever had been on the outside. My heart physically ached for him and all he’d been through. To an extent, there was so much that was understandable. There was never going to be anyone for him but Bri, but he was too deep in grief, drowning in it, to be able to see anything but his own pain. He was on the verge of actions and words he would never come back from, and by a stroke of luck, he managed to hit rock bottom without irreparably damaging the lives of those he loved most. He needed to find a way to once again be able to hold his head above water, and rock bottom has a way of doing that.

Nico was a different kind of toxic than any of our other Knight’s Ridge guys, and to some extent, that made sense. He and Bri were both all about physical connections, with both of them wanting less than zero emotional attachments. It had been there the whole time, though, and I think it was something that the others saw but weren’t anywhere near ready to face.

The amount of tears that flowed from my eyes was far more than I had anticipated, but seeing someone slowly heal who has suffered a loss similar to yours has a way of combining the gut-wrenching pain you’ve felt with instilling a bit of hope into the depths of your soul.Loss and grief are tangible feelings that many of us can relate to, and I feel Lorraine did an amazing job at bringing those to life.

Bri and Nico are as tumultuous as they are addictive, and I think some of that will always be a part of them with their strong and stubborn personalities. I think the hard road they’ve traveled will make them all the stronger for it.

The story went a little something like this:


Corrupt Princess checked every one of my boxes. An unputdownable blend of explosive chemistry, a morally corrupt alpha-hole, a BA heroine, witty banter, heartbreaking emotions, and hot AF steam More than anything, this group of friends has formed their very own family, and you feel very much a part of it.

Lorraine’s ability to make this very fictional world feel like home is a true testament to the level of her talent. I just have to figure out how to survive until I have the conclusion to Nico and Bri’s story . All I want for Christmas is Corrupt Union on my kindle… that cliffhanger was the ABSOLUTE WORST (in the best way)!

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