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CORRUPT UNION by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review


My 2022 started with a Deviant Knight and his MC Princess, and I can’t think of a better way to close out the year with this decadently corrupt duo. Not only did the Corrupt Trilogy end up being my favorite in the Knight’s Ridge series, but it was also my top read of the year.

Lorraine never ceases to leave me speechless, but Nico and Bri’s story was on another level. Maybe it was seeing where they began and knowing the connection they shared while they fought it at every turn. There is always emotion woven into the stories, but Nico and Bri’s cut deeper. Emotions that will be with me for a while.

We saw the physical connection, and we felt the one that left no doubts that they were meant to be, but the more intense it became, the harder they fought it. I understood the reasons they had, but that did little to lessen the pain.

All the glares, cruel words, and vicious actions between them paled in comparison to the heartache that was woven into the pages of Corrupt Union. My soul felt every ounce of pain, not just what Nico and Bri felt but the whole group.

Never more has the phrase “cut one of us, we all bleed” packed as much of a punch as when reading the Corrupt Trilogy and the whole Knight’s Ridge series. Some are family by blood, once enemies who became lovers, or friends they’ve known a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how they’ve become a part of this group. What matters is that they’ve united to form an unstoppable force.They wield the power that comes from knowing that love and loyalty will back you at every turn.

This may sound as though I’m speaking of the series as a whole and not specifically of Nico and Bri, but that’s only partially true. It’s something that bleeds through every couple’s story; it’s one of my favorite elements of this series, but it’s never been more powerful than it was inside the pages of the Corrupt Trilogy. Each addition to this group does more than bring these mafia alpha-holes to their knees; these sassy women are at the core of the strength that floods them all in the face of their enemies.

By far the most explosive conclusion and an EPIC way to end 2022 is Corrupt Union. With just one word, you’ll be swept up in an impossible-to-put-down blend of searing chemistry, an alpha-hole brought to his knees, a strong heroine, unrestrained emotions bleed through every word, mindscrew twists, vengeance craving turns, and volcanically hot steam. Lorraine manages to up her game with every couple, but none hold a candle to Nico and Bri.

None of my words can do justice to everything that is Nico and Bri.

This isn’t just a series you read. This is one you live inside while you read the words, and when you reach the end, it’s the unwavering love and loyalty each and every character is instilled with that takes up residence inside you.

Corrupt Union

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