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COURAGE FOR FOOLS by Monty Jay ~ Review

I don’t know where to begin, Courage for Fools bleeds emotions, and breathes love into you with every word.

I’ve read Monty Jay’s books since her debut and she has this incredible ability to deliver an emotionally driven storyline, but Courage for Fools is above and beyond any other angsty book I’ve read in a long time.

Quinn has lived her life in a small-town in Virginia, she’s always had dreams and ideas of traveling, but there were things that kept her rooted to that small-town. Then reality slaps her in the face, and she decides that it’s time to stop dreaming, it’s time for her to live those dreams. She’s a bit shy and quiet, but as they take this journey on Route 66 brings out parts of her that had been buried under her need to not be the center of attention.

Rhett is the lead singer in a famous band, but I will tell you right now you’ve never met a rock star like Rhett. He has this incredible heart and he wants someone to share it with. I have never had so many fluttery heart and ovary exploding moments in my life. He has a delicate balance between cocky, swoony, and alpha, sheer perfection in the book boyfriend category.

The chemistry between Rhett and Quinn is extraordinary, in the first moments it truly feels as though they were meant to cross one another’s path, and that feeling continues to build with every word. Rhett gives Quinn the courage to find the parts of herself, but really she had it all along.

The storyline, gah, I can’t with it. I felt more emotions reading this than I’ve felt in real life in a year. It was beyond “ALL THE FEELS”. Rhett and Quinn captivated my emotions in a way that I can’t explain. They held my heart in the palm of their hand from start to finish. At times I felt broken, shattered, gut wrenching pain, but between the angst their was heart palpitations from seeing this quiet girl find her voice, her strength, and her happiness

I have loved Monty Jay’s books since her debut, but there is something extra special in these characters and their beautifully written story. Courage for Fools is so much more than a romance. A gripping blend of soul-searing chemistry, a swoony charming hero, a heroine finding her inner strength, raw emotions bleed through the pages while their banter will send fluttery palpitations to your heart, and steam. This story is not only deeply woven inside me, but unreservedly a top read of 2021 and an all-time favorite angsty read.

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