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CRAVE THY NEIGHBOR by Teagan Hunter ~ Review


I have loved every book in the Roommate Romps series, but Crave Thy Neighbor obliterated it all, I can’t with this book, Teagan Hunter has taken my ability to can, not only was the slow burn filled with enough tension to ignite the apartment building, but the feels woven through this magnificent book were enough to melt my heart enough to let a few tears leak out.

If you are line me and have read the previous books you have most likely been looking forward to getting Maya and Sam’s story, and it was more than I ever imagined. Maya is the loving attentive mother we knew she was, she’s independent, strong, and sassy.

Nolan is charming, and he’s swoony without even realizing it which makes him the swooniest. He doesn’t let anyone too close, but Maya and Sam, there was no choice, they were meant to be, a magnetic force so strong between them that nothing could have kept them from finding one another, and becoming the family they were always meant to be.

Nolan and Maya’s “meet cute” is more of a “meet, sizzling chemistry, ohhh, nope” because they find out that their best friends are dating, and with Nolan’s allergy to letting people close a dose of reality extinguishes the sizzle, for a minute.

I loved Maya and Nolan, in only a moment this root of a connection began, with every tension building interaction they shared it was as if a forcefield was pulling them together and in. They went from strangers to this easy rapport as if it was as instinctive as breathing. They shared banter that was an entertaining mix of sarcasm and flirty. Your ovaries aren’t ready to be in the same book realm as Nolan and his affinity for Sam.

Teagan Hunter proves yet again that the only person who outwit her when it comes to writing laugh inducing witty banter, is her. Crave Thy Neighbor was rapt with laughs, witty banter, sizzling chemistry, steam, and a sprinkling of feels creating the perfect mix for a captivating read.

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