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DARK PRINCESS by Tracy Lorraine ~ Review


It seems as though the Dark Knight was all the Princess needed to trigger the darkness that had been clouded inside her by all of the expectations others had for her. She’s fully embraced this new side, and I’ve got a feeling this was only the beginning. There’s no doubt in my mind that Calli and Batman are going to create one helluva Dark Legacy.

Calli and Batman’s story continues to set itself apart from the previous couples in the series. It’s not one thing, it’s all the things. Their chemistry is more intense, the darkness in the storyline, and the steam, each and every element has a unique darkness that has made their story my favorite of the series. 

Calli has been evolving since the moment we met her, from being locked away in an ivory tower to taking steps to make sure that in any given situation she isn’t the weak link in this amazing group of BA women. She’s become a force of nature, sassier and more confident in who she is. It’s been an amazing sight to behold, and the transition has been well developed, making it a believable evolution from the quiet, reserved Calli we first met.

The connection between Calli and Batman is more than impassioned, and well past the point of soul-searing. They don’t just “see” one another; they see into the depths of one another’s souls. While on the outside, they are seemingly opposite, they have an uncanny ability to know what one another is thinking and feeling without them having to say a word. 

I don’t think any other cliffhanger in this series has me as shaken as this one. From the first page, it was like stepping on a freight train. It was no holds barred, heart pounding suspense, red hot steam, and whispered “wtfs.” Another addictive installment in this world that has become one of my all-time favorites. Unequivocally, each book is better than the last. 

Lorraine continues to perfect her craft. I love that when I read the first word, I’m immediately immersed back into the world that she’s created as though I’ve never left. Being surrounded by Wicked anti-heroes, the Deviant women who bring them to their knees, mafia wars, endlessly dark and twisted intrigue, and reckless passion is an addictive combination.

Calli’s inner dark vixen has triggered Daemon’s devilish ways, and I’m freaking here for it. An unputdownable blend of impassioned chemistry, a devilish ant-hero, a BA heroine, heart-pounding twists and turns, whispered “wtf,” “omg,” “Nooo,” “hfs,” “mfer,” “white hot steam,” and an ending that will leave you cursing the world. Another EPIC addition to the Knight’s Ridge Empire series!

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