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FALLING INTO LOVE WITH YOU by Lauren Rowe ~ Review

I became addicted to Savage and Laila while they were Falling out of Hate, but having a front row seat while they Fell Into Love was all sorts of enthralling with swoony butterfly feels.

Savage and Laila have let the animosity fall away and what they find underneath that is 2 people whose souls were becoming intricately woven woven together the very first time they were in the same room together.

Kernel sized secrets, and popcorn lies were brought into the light which was the opportunity Savage and Laila needed to build a more solid foundation of their relationship. They were past provoking reactions from one another, and both were ready to explore the electrifying chemistry they shared.

Every page of this deepened the emotional connection between Savage and Laila, and while they no longer had the heated dynamic they were still very much heated in the “can’t keep our hands off each other” way. From provoking reactions out of one another to forming an everlasting soul searing connection both situations displayed the passion they had for one another.

Savage went from “Rock God” to “Ovary Exploding God” because this man had me swooning right off the pages. He may have a small circle, but the love and loyalty he has for those in it is immeasurable, and when it comes to Laila it’s all of that and more. Laila seemed to have a greater belief in herself and her worth than she did previously, not because she had a man in her life, but because that man believed in her so fiercely that she began believing those things about herself too.

Falling Into Love with You was a stupendous conclusion to Savage and Laila’s story. An alluring blend of exquisite chemistry, witty banter, steam, and feels.

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