A Favorite Read: Bayou Devils MC by A.M. Myers

I fell in love with this MC during the first book. Each book has a main plot with each couple finding their way to their happily ever after. There are plenty of feels in each book as these individuals fight like hell to get to their HEA. This MC has gone through hell to get where they are and they are trying to leave behind a legacy that’s honorable.

While these couples are trying to find their happy ending suspicions start to rise that some things may not be as they seem. The men are stubborn Alpha types and the females are a witty, sassy bunch with hot as hell chemistry. The banter between the couples and the guys in the MC is well written and engaging as is the dialogue between them all.

These characters and the story line are extremely well written. I can’t even imagine the work this author put into the plot. With every there’s also another plot building in the background. Every book leaves you with a smile on your face because of the couple but with every book you are also left scratching your head because with every HEA, you add more questions as to what is going on with the side plot.

This author is beyond binge-worthy. Just one-click her first book and binge your way through.

Bayou Devils MC

Complete series is available now.

Hidden Scars