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FILTHY JEALOUS HEIR: PART ONE by Caitlyn Dare ~ Review


Nobody can kick off a new series quite like this duo, and not only is this a new series but a brand new one, but it’s a dark and twisty world like only Dare can deliver.

A few words, and the floodgates opened; secrets and lies; a Grade A alpha-hole bent on retaliation while causing as much damage as possible in his wake. He’s cruel with his words and his actions, and within a few pages, his hate-fueled thoughts had me smitten. My toxic trait is falling for the most exquisitely dark and twisted alpha-holes that appear on my kindle. Reese is all of that, and he’s only just getting started.

Olivia is the twin sister of one of the Heirs, and that means that not only does she have one overprotective alpha-hole, she has four. I loved that she’s sassy and doesn’t automatically do what she’s told. She’s sassy, and when they push, she’s not afraid to push back. I’m looking forward to being able to dive deeper into this world. There are secrets and lies, and not everything is as it seems.

Reese is back after leaving the town he grew up in without so much as a goodbye to his fellow Heirs. He might be back with a plan of his own, but the Heirs aren’t exactly the forgiving type, and they have no plans to make his return easy on him. Reese is on a mission, but there are pieces to the puzzle that are missing. He’s vicious and angry, cruel and malicious with his words. So why do I love him so much? That alpha-hole hotness and the possessive and psycho levels of jealousy are my weaknesses, and he has them in spades.

The connection between Reese and Olivia is the type that you know has been there long before either realized it, although neither would admit it’s anything more than physical. It’s more than that, though; they have a scorching chemistry that seeps through the pages. The perceived wrongs and secrets are fueling the hatred between them, and there’s not a chance of anyone making it to the other side without being burned.

Filthy Jealous Heir is a dark and twisty, and utterly addictive, introduction to the Heirs of All Hallows’ series. An unputdownable blend of explosive chemistry, an unrestrained Grade-A-hole, a sassy heroine, dirty secrets, filthy lies, dark revenge, volcanic levels of steam—and this is just the beginning.

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