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GLASS HEART HERO by Lindsey Iler ~ Review

Every page of each book in this series pulls you deeper into the Glass Heart Academy world where the Glass Heart Boys live by a code that is first and foremost loyalty to one another no matter the cost.

Delaney is every shade of fierce a survivor and a girl who runs when life is too heavy which I can relate to because I may not “physically” run but I do “run” straight into a book to escape into when I feel as though reality is too heavy to carry but when you catch the eye of one of these Glass Heart boys he won’t let you run far.

Breaker was the calm one with the quick wit and a smile but oh stars there’s so much more to him than I ever imagined.  When he was calm it was like the small embers of a fire but all it takes is a moment to ignite those embers into a sinful inferno of rage.  He was a perfect mix of swoony and possessive alpha.  He now holds the award as my favorite Glass Heart Boy. 

From reading the previous books I had already felt that Breaker and Delaney had a connection but that was only a glimpse into the depths of what they shared.  The connection they shared was 2 souls that were intertwined so deeply that one didn’t exist without the other.

Lindsey Iler’s writing is purely magic once I was engrossed in Glass Heart Hero from beginning to end.  A compelling blend of hypnotic chemistry, a fierce heroine, a Glass Heart Hero, Breaker isn’t your average hero, feels for days, steam, witty banter, and a group of friends that are the epitome of unconditional love and loyalty.

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