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GRUMPY COWBOY by Max Monroe ~ Review

Max Monroe are masters of addicting single dad romance. Every single time I say I have a new favorite in a review, it’s true from that moment until they bring a new single dad into my life, but a single dad that’s a cowboy? That’s an invitation for ovary exploding emergencies across the world.

Leah arrives at Shaw Springs Ranch, and is faced with a whole different patient than she was expecting. To say they get off on the wrong side of a high heel would be an understatement. Rhett may be a stubborn cowboy, but Leah is stubborn in her own right, sassy, and an unwillingness to lose the battle of wits with the grumpy cowboy.

Rhett is the very essence of the title, Grumpy Cowboy, but it felt more of a situational thing than who he was on deeper levels. The more I read the harder I fell. He’s a quintessential cowboy with charm for days, but none of that compares to the fierce unconditional love he has for a sassy 5 year old girl that had me completely smitten.

Normally, I would go straight into the connection of the main characters, but I feel the connection between these 2 are just as important.
Leah had an instant rapport with Joey that completely melted me into a pile of heartwarming goo because it was instant that you felt Leah was always meant to be in Joey’s life.

Leah and Rhett may not have hit it off right away, but their chemistry sure did. It was pure unadulterated fire between them from the start. It sent them into a tension infused slow-burn of wit, stubbornness, heated glances, and little touches that led to explosive steam. They pushed one another in ways neither of them realized they needed.

Leah, Joey and Rhett’s story gripped my heart strings in the very first pages not waning until the very end. Them all together was all levels of entertaining, Joey was a sassy little scene stealer. She made me giggle, laugh, and shed a few tears. Leah and Rhett were both full of stubbornness but also sarcasm and witty banter. Every moment they were all together my heart was brimming with happy feels, and a few moments that made my eyes leak.

I feel like this is expected at this point, but Grumpy Cowboy is positively my new favorite single dad romance, and a top read of 2021. There was something extraordinarily special in the connection between Leah, Joey, and Rhett. Grumpy Cowboy is an invigorating blend of an explosive slow-burn, a grumpy yet swoony hero, a sassy kind hearted heroine, abounding with laugh out loud witty banter, a myriad of feels from fluttery butterflies to heart clenching tears, and steam.

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