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LIKE YOU LOVE ME by Adriana Locke ~ Review

Every book, every small town, every swoony hero, every sassy heroine, and every heartfelt storyline, Adriana Locke gives you the distinct feeling that the words you are reading are written straight from her heart but never have I had that feeling with the intensity I had while reading Like You Love Me.

Sophie is sassy, and determined to do whatever it takes to keep the Bed and Breakfast she inherited from her grandmother because it’s not just a business it’s a piece of her heart.

Holden was a perfect mix of cocky and swoon. He thought he had everything figured out then after his life had a bit of an upheaval he thought that after a short time in Honey Creek working at his grandfather’s veterinary clinic that he was going to be on his way to his dream job. The moment he hears Sophie’s sassy voice the sizzle of chemistry between them is a catalyst of a fake marriage that leads to the once in a lifetime kind of love.

I loved the banter between Holden and Sophie that started with the first words they spoke to one another. They clearly have a connection with one another that makes it feel like not a day has passed that they were last together. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that the fake marriage arrangement isn’t what they thought it would be.

Like You Love Me is unequivocally my new favorite book by Adriana Locke. A beautifully written heartwarming story with a flawless blend of intoxicating chemistry, witty banter, small town charm, and interfering family members that I can’t wait to read about.

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