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LORENZO BERETTA (The Unseen Underground #1) by Abigail Davies ~ Blog Tour

I have been a huge fan of Abigail Davies from early on in her career and I say this with cast-iron certainty Lorenzo Beretta is a top 2021 read and has secured a spot on my all-time favorite list.

Lorenzo is the type of mob boss we should hate because this man doesn’t toe the line he destroys it in the most heart wrenching ways. If awards were given for being an alphahole, Lorenzo would assuredly be a gold medal winner. 

Aida had caught Lorenzo’s eye and with that moment he made assumptions that he soon learned were far off base. Aida was feisty and not willing to be pushed around without pushing back. She was also kind, caring, and had this genuineness to her that made her easy to love.

Lorenzo and Aida’s had an uncontrollable chemistry that began with thunderous actions and led to volcanic reactions. They went from one extreme to the next and every bit of it felt so deliciously right. The banter between them was entertaining as they had this push and pull between them and a fascinating ability to make antagonizing each other go from sass to steamy in the blink of an eye. 

Abigail Davies busted into the mafia world like a true mafia boss. Lorenzo Beretta was profoundly consuming. An intricately woven blend of hate, soul-stirring chemistry, fiery retorts, witty banter, moments that are heartstopping, jaw-dropping, all the feels, and steam.

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