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LOYAL HEIR by Michelle Heard ~ Review

If there were ever 2 people who were born to love one another it’s Forest and Aria.

Forest and Aria have been best friends their whole lives and one moment is all it takes for their soul enchanting chemistry to awaken. It felt as though it was ingrained on a subconscious level waiting for the right moment to set their world ablaze.

Forest was possessive and incredibly protective of Aria, he had this swoony air about him. He watched and noticed the small things that others would miss and it made me fall for him even harder. Aria was sweet and I felt a connection with her as she waded through the thoughts that weighed on her mind while they played on repeat. My heart broke for her.

This was bursting at the seams with emotions. There were moments that my stomach was nothing but fluttering butterflies and my heart was overflowing with happiness then it would feel like I had been shot with a cannon ball and I felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me leaving me in disbelief and utter shock.

Michelle Heard has this meticulous way with words that pulls you so deeply into the world she created that the characters’ emotions penetrate your soul. Forest and Aria’s story will send so many emotions coursing through your veins that you will be wholly and completely lost in the Trinity world from the first page to the last.

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