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MADE FOR ME by Natasha Madison ~ Review


Made For Me is without question my favorite Madison book of 2022. Her talent shines in every word of Made For Me, and I can’t think of a more compelling way to introduce a new series.

I’m at a loss for where to begin. So many tears were shed, not all of them due to sadness; many were simply because of the overwhelming love that literally flows through the veins of every member of the Stone and Grant families.

Julia had a bit of a guard up when it came to relationships, and she had no intention of changing that. She was dedicated to her profession. She had a kind heart, but she also had a sassy stubbornness about her. She may have been taken into the fold due to her sister marrying into the family, but there was no doubt that Max didn’t have the same love for her that he had for his own children. My heart needed that. There’s nothing in the world like a father’s love. When my memories of that feeling begin to fade, Madison delivers a story like this, and my heart gets the reminder it needs.

Chase may not have followed in his father’s footsteps when it comes to his career, but personality-wise they are very similar. Chase was protective and bossy, and once he knew Julia was his “one,” there was nothing that would stop him from claiming her, not even her. He was a master of the cocky attitude, but it was the way he took care of Julia without her so much as uttering a word.

I don’t think I have ever read a book with a more fitting title. There was a current of electricity between them whenever they were near one another. That was before their lips ever met. There’s no other way to describe it other than to say they were made for each other.

The emotions of every character will become embedded in your soul. My chest ached, and my heart broke right along with theirs. It was what came after that affected me the most. It was the love this family has for their loved ones. Madison has such an awe-inspiring talent that truly brings those emotions to life. Along with the love story we get front-row seats to, we also get to spend hours wrapped in the arms of a loving family, and that’s what makes this author’s books extraordinary.

Made For Me was more than a romance; it was food for the soul. A captivating combination of soul-consuming chemistry, a protective alpha hero, a sweet and sassy heroine, heartbreak to heartwarming and everything in between, and steam. A few pages in, you feel it—it’s new but familiar, filling your heart with love that stays with you long after you reach the end.

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