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MAFIA PRINCE by Lucia Black ~ Release Blast ~ My Review


Release Date: September 30

Everything good in his life started and ended with Lorna Bianchi.

It began ten years ago on a hot summer night. Before she walked out on him.
But Alessandro never let it go.
Even if she was a Don’s daughter. Sole heiress to the Bianchi empire.
Destined to wed the eldest Moretti brother as an alliance between their families.
She was also his.

And he wasn’t giving her up this time.
Not for family. Not for money. Not for power.

He was the shadow in the back of her mind.
The one she could never escape no matter how hard she tried.
Ten years was a long time, but not long enough for her body to forget the heat of his hands on her skin.

One look was all it took and she knew that nothing had changed between them.
He was colder. Crueler. More determined than ever.
She might be back to marry his brother, but Alessandro wasn’t letting her go.

**Mafia Prince is a full length second-chance mafia romance standalone in the Moretti Mafia series.**

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Meet Lucia Black

Lucia Black is the contemporary pen name for a fantasy author that avoids social media like the plague and loves tacos. 

As an author of unconventional romance, she loves exploring the many ways a girl can fall in love. If you want to keep up with her books, give her a follow here on Amazon.

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This was my first book by this author and although it’s not like most mafia romance out there it was enjoyable and I’m glad I read it.

Lorna and Alessandro had a past that cemented the undeniable chemistry they shared but there was a huge family commitment and arranged marriage to Alessandro’s brother Giovanni that stood in the way of them having their second chance after 10 years apart.

I loved the relationship that Alessandro had with his brothers they loved each other and supported each other unconditionally and wholly which is an admirable quality in any human but as competitiveness and jealousy sometimes outweigh the love in mafia families I really enjoyed the dynamic of this family. Not to say that there weren’t other qualities that are undeniably “mob like” because there are but I enjoyed the love that the siblings shared.

I would refer to this as a “light mafia romance” as there is violence, threats and lightly brushes on mob dealings it doesn’t pull you into the deep underground of mob life like other mafia romance novels have a tendency to do. I’m one that enjoys those dark mafia books and although this wasn’t what I expected I found it to be delightfully entertaining

The storyline pulled me in immediately with the chemistry, banter between Lorna and Alessandro, and feels. The dynamic of both families was another part of this book that I adored. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author and diving into more of the Moretti Mafia.

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