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Mine To Cherish by Natasha Madison ~ Review


Teeming with witty banter, sass, swoon, meddlesome siblings, steam, and the unconditional love of family. Mine to Cherish was the reprieve from reality that I needed.

Clarabella is my favorite type of heroine. She’s got sarcastic wit down to a science, which had me giggling. But also, she knew when to keep the fire out of her words and take the high road, which she did, even if the person didn’t deserve her kindness. It made me love her more, though.

Luke was sort of a loner, and although he had his reasons for not ever letting anyone in, it seemed as though with Clarabella that neither one had much of a choice. All he wanted to do was skip town for the weekend of her wedding. They had one night together months ago, but the wrong thing was said, and everything fell apart, and when he returned to town, she was engaged to another man.

Once he let his defenses down a little, Luke’s swoon game was strong. Add in dirty talk, and the way he immediately defended his woman, and that was all it took for him to be safely placed on my book boyfriend shelf.

The chemistry between Luke and Clarabella was flooding with the intensity of once being friends but who were always meant for more. The anger only made the burning between them that much hotter. Their banter and glaring were more foreplay than anything, and with one touch there was no going back.

As always, Madison instills an overpowering sense of love in every page that will stay with you long after you read the last word. Mine to Cherish is the perfect feel-good small town romance, teeming with witty banter, a sassy heroine, a swoony hero, laugh-out-loud sibling antics, and steam, all set in a world that feels like home with the love of family that will stay with you long after you read the end.

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