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Accidental Witness (Morelli Family, #1)


Vince Morelli.

The closest I ever wanted to get to him was several rows away in English class. We’d never spoken, but of course I heard the stories about his family. I know they’re dangerous. I know he’s dangerous. Vince never had a reason to notice me, anyway—until I inadvertently witnessed his first mob hit.

His family doesn’t believe in leaving witnesses alive, but Vince seems different. He knows the best thing he can do for me is stay away, but something keeps drawing us together. Despite knowing the risks of getting mixed up with him, I can’t resist. Only problem is, Vince is a package deal—you don’t get him without getting swept up in his family’s dark games.

Now entangled with a notorious Chicago crime family, will my life ever be mine again?

Note: This is NOT NA romance.

**Obligatory trigger warning: While not wholly dark, this is at its core a DARK ROMANCE. There are no knights in shining armor to be found here.

Sensitive content not recommended for those under 18, or those who loathe the dark romance genre. This is not a series of standalones; the characters introduced in this book are involved in the continuing story.**

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