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Old Flame: Dante’s Story: (Morelli Family, #9)


You’ve met the Morelli family, now delve into the love story of Mateo’s callous brother, Dante Morelli…

Loving Dante was my original sin. They warned me of the slippery slope, the moral corruption, the outright debasement of the Morelli family. They warned me not to get involved. Not to love him.

I didn’t listen.

I thought I would be his saving grace.

I was a fool.

Once upon a time, Dante Morelli was the source of my happiness, the powerful embrace which would always keep me safe and loved.

Now, Dante Morelli is the source of every moment of pain, every moment of grief, every heart-breaking moment of my young life.

Once, his love was my lifeblood.

Now, his love is my prison.

Once, I thought it might kill me to leave him.

Now, I know he will never let me go.

Warnings: This is a dark romance with a bad guy hero. This is also a comprehensive series, so you’ll have a MUCH better time with Dante’s story if you have read all previous Morelli family series books first. The author does NOT recommend trying to read this as a standalone if you haven’t read the Morelli family series.

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