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MY ALMOST EX by Piper Rayne ~ Release Blitz

There was something extra special within the pages of My Almost Ex.

Lucy left Adam and Sunrise Bay a year ago, but now she’s back with no memory, and no explanation of why she walked out. I adored the way the town immediately began trying to help her even if at times it was more of a hindrance it was a shining example of why this small town in Alaska steals a part of your heart with every visit.

What starts as a journey with Adam trying to help Lucy regain her memories becomes a journey of Lucy discovering the very deepest parts of herself, and a level of happiness that without those heartbreaking events she may have never discovered.

Adam and Lucy had cosmic amounts of chemistry you could feel it in every word exchanged, in every moment spent in each other’s orbit, but there was this tension sizzling from all the unknown, all the hurt, and all that was left unsaid. Once Adam began to lower his guard, it was so effortless between them you could feel the love they had shared for a lifetime evolving into some much deeper.

Dori and Ethel added their own brand of entertainment to this story. As much as I love the characters falling in love, Dori and Ethel have such a profound love for their families that they are a necessary element to every story.

My Almost Ex is unputdownable, within pages I was completely absorbed in The Green Family world. A perfect blend of cosmic chemistry, witty banter, an abundance of feels, meddling siblings, and busybody grandmas, and heaps of unconditional love.

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