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Piper Rayne has done it again. An all new small town in Alaska with its own brand of quirkiness and a quintessential family that meddles in everyone’s lives, laughs hard and loves even harder.

Presley is new to Sunrise Bay and as it is in small towns it doesn’t take long for the whispers to start. She had no plans of making Sunrise Bay her home when she arrived but she soon realized that this small town in Alaska may just be what she had been missing from her life.

Cade notices Presley immediately but things take a quick turn in the wrong direction between them. It’s not long before they realize the fireworks between them are way too intense to be ignored which leads them to making an arrangement with the intent to protect their hearts.

I loved every single page of the start of the Greene family series and the small town of Sunrise Bay with some cameos of one of my favorite Grandmas. I absolutely adore Ethel and Dory on top of their friendship and their meddling ways is the love they have for their family that adds to the charm of the family series that Piper Rayne brings to life on the pages.

Cade and Presley had chemistry for days but it seemed fate had other ideas for them because no matter how much they wanted to dive into one another this became a spellbinding slow-burn with a tantalizing build up.

My Beautiful Neighbor is an intoxicating blend of immediate chemistry but a tantalising slow-burn, witty banter, giggles, feels, meddling family members that bring an overflowing amount of love and laughs making this absolutely spellbinding from start to finish.

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