If We Ever Meet Again & If the Sun Never Sets (If Love Duet) by Ana Huang

If We Ever Meet Again (If Love Duet Book 1)


One year, two opposites, and a love that will blindside and, ultimately, shatter them. 

She’s an aspiring interior designer who dreams of falling in love.
He’s an ex-football star who thinks love is a con.

She’s a virgin, and he doesn’t do virgins.
He’s cocky, infuriating, and not her type.

She wants the fairytale.
He wants freedom.

Blake and Farrah shouldn’t have fallen for each other the way they did: totally, completely, and irrevocably.

Because they’re studying abroad in Shanghai, and they only have one year.

Because forces at home threaten to rip them apart, even if they don’t know it yet.

And because, eventually, they must face the most heartbreaking lesson they’ll ever learn:  sometimes, even the greatest love can’t conquer all.

If the Sun Never Sets (If Love Duet Book 2)

Five years ago, he broke her heart. Now, he’ll do anything to win her back.

When Farrah walked into her lunch meeting, she didn’t expect to see him.
Blake Ryan.
Her first love.
Her first heartbreak.
And now, her first client as a freelance interior designer.

It’s been five years, but she’ll never forget the way he shattered her.
He whispers pretty words, but she’ll never believe him.
Her body craves his, but she’ll never give him her heart.

Not again.
Not ever.

Money. Looks. A booming sports bar empire.
On the surface, Blake has it all.
But inside, he’s haunted—both by nightmares of a tragic loss, and dreams of the girl he once betrayed.

When fate reunites them, he sees it as a sign:
It’s time to get the love of his life back.
No matter what it takes.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this book then I started it which was when I figured out it was written in third person. I only read a few authors that write in third person and Ana Huang has been added to that list.

I first fell in love with the setting of the book so many books are written and most books that take place in big cities are generally the same big cities so this book taking place in Shanghai was a refreshing new atmosphere.

The prologue was when this book hit me in the feels and my heart broke for these characters that I didn’t even know yet.

The connection between Farrah and Blake was instant but the relationship wasn’t until after they became friends and I loved that it was a slow burn. I was right there falling in love with them. They had my feels all over the place from swoon to wanting to knock them upside the head and complete heartache.

The secondary characters were endlessly entertaining with all the different personalities that you wouldn’t think fit but they formed a family and the love they had for each other could be felt in the words.

I’m looking forward to the next book with Farrah and Blake’s story and I’m also hoping for more of the other characters in the future.

Oh, my heart, all the feels, swoon, heartache, angst, anger, sadness, and so many more.

I didn’t think it was possible to love Blake and Farrah more than I did in book 1 but book 2 proved that to be wrong. The chemistry and connection they shared in this book seemed to go deeper than it had been in book 1 maybe because they were older now.

The emotional ups and downs I had while reading this were everything, I love about getting lost in a book. I felt the emotions with these characters as they loved hard, swam in sea of regret, guilt and worked at their second chance at happily ever after.

I really hope this isn’t the last we read of the group of people who met at the FEA and formed a family because I adore all of them.