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NOT MY MATCH by Ilsa Madden-Mills ~ Review

I am so insanely in love with Devon and Giselle. Their chemistry started with a zing

Giselle is a perfect mix of intelligent, sassy, and loving with a touch of awkward rambling driven by her passion for physics. She has a small circle but the love she has for them is as pure and genuine as she is. She was chasing the dreams she’s had since childhood and on the way there she found her voice standing up for herself in ways she never had before. I loved having a front row seat to the growth her character had throughout this book. She was the same but she also found this inner strength which made her already admirable character even more so.

Devon is cocky, possessive, and unsurpassably alpha; his past has left scars on his heart and although he’s been warned by his best friend that Giselle is off limits there is nothing that could come between the chemistry they share.

The chemistry between Devon and Giselle starts with a zing then spreads like wildfire becoming this soul-searing, all-consuming intensity that made my heart flutter. They were seemingly opposite yet they understood each other like no one else ever could. There was no doubt in my mind that Devon and Giselle were written in the stars.

Ilsa Madden-Mills continuously fascinates me with her ability to write such fleshed out characters the hero and heroine may be an NFL star and a physicist but the emotions, fears, and insecurities can touch a cord with any of us. That is exactly what I experienced while reading Devon’s most inner thoughts as they could have been a reflection of my own.

The storyline was alluring. It felt like a slow burn but it also played out fast, is a slow burn – fast burn a thing, it is now. There was the zing followed by them becoming closer, friends as opposed to aquantincises. They had a mix of witty banter and deep conversations that made me laugh on one page and shed a tear the next.

Ilsa Madden-Mills delivered an alluring blend of soul-searing chemistry, a hero that’s an addicting blend of swoon and cocky alpha, a heroine that’s intelligent with a touch of adorably awkward, witty banter, an abundance of feels, and steam.

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