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ONE LITTLE MISTAKE by Avery Maxwell ~ Blog Tour

This was my first book by Avery Maxwell, and she delivered the quintessential small town romance.

Lexi is learning to survive the trauma and grief from her past, and she may have some cracks inside that will never fully heal. She isn’t waiting for Prince Charming to ride in and save her, she’s got the fire, strength and determination to put herself back together.

Easton is all growls and demands, but oh my, once he gets he realizes that he and Lexi have a lot more between them then then arguing and butting heads, he goes from grumpy to all the SWOON.

The spark of chemistry is felt as soon as Eason and Lexi meet, and from there every argument, sassy retort, and every interaction that Lexi doesn’t back down from Easton it evolves into intoxicating.

I’m completely infatuated with the Westbrook family. The love and loyalty they have for one another was one of my favorite parts of the story. You could feel the intense way they loved one another, and their family motto wasn’t just something they said because when it was said, you could feel the meaning behind those words deep inside of you.

I enjoyed the storyline immensely, although there were a few times I had wondered if I should have read the previous books since there were moments I felt I was missing a key piece of information, but those moments never lasted long because I was so absorbed inside this world.

The pain of grief is something I connected with and the traumatic experience that Lexi endured while the events were different from my own the outcome was very close to my own. Her fears and anxiety were some of my own, and seeing my own thoughts from someone else’s point of view gave me a reprieve from feeling as though nobody understands the fears I still can’t bring myself to say out loud.

The flow of Lexi and Easton’s story had my eyes glued to my kindle. Lexi built a fortress around her heart as a way to avoid letting anyone in so she wouldn’t get hurt, and Easton may have had bricks guarding his, but his crumbled much quicker than Lexi’s. She was as stubborn as the day is long, but she underestimated Easton at every turn.

I am a sucker for ridiculous grandma’s, and GG had all sorts of eccentricities that stole my heart, made me laugh, and made me admire her. She had so much love for her granddaughter and the way she nudged her towards taking the route to heal wholly, but also allowing her to come to the decisions on her own was enough to spark a tear. Her pain is palpable in every word she utters, and my heart broke right along with her.

The banter between the brothers and Lexi’s cousins was entertaining and offered a respite from the heavy emotions.

Avery Maxwell skillfully brought these characters and the town to life. One Little Mistake is a mesmerizing blend of intoxicating chemistry, a growly-swoony hero, a sassy-strong heroine, rapt with emotion, from heartbreak to healing, a reminder that family is what we make it, an eccentric meddling grandma, and steam, all inside a quirky small town.

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