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One Night Standards by Heather M. Orgeron ~ Review


One Night Standards is an exemplary addition to the Booze and Bad Decisions novels. If you’re looking for something that you can get lost in that will make you laugh out loud, swoon, and steam that will melt your kindle, diving into One Night Standards is the best decision, no booze required.

Orgeron has a way with words that makes her stand out amongst others. You’d be hard-pressed to find another that can compare to the way her flawless dialogue and witty banter can make you smile when you feel like crying. It’s my favorite feeling knowing when I open a book that not only will I be swept away in a fictional world, leaving all of my real-life troubles behind, but that when I reach the end, my soul will feel lighter than it did when I began.

I adored Sammi’s relationship with her father; as someone who would have done the same thing had I been in that situation, I felt a connection to her I hadn’t expected. I do wish mine had the same outcome. She was sassy and a bit (a lot) stubborn. She made a decision out of fear, and I think we’ve all felt that level of heartache at one time or another, making it easy to put yourself in her shoes. If you haven’t, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Lyle Livingston has the charm of the boy next door, the arrogant swagger of a pants-melting country star, a level of swoon that causes butterflies “everywhere,” a piercing that will melt kindles, but it’s his unyielding love and loyalty to the only woman he’s ever loved that will make ovaries explode. This man came so close to seeing the other half of his soul walk down the aisle towards another man, and when fate handed him a second chance, he grabbed it with everything he had. I was done for, and that was nothing compared to what was to come. When you thought there was no way to love this swoony man more, it was as though he whispered to his bandmates, “Hold my beer.”

I’m not sure there’s an adequate word for the chemistry between Sammi and Lyle. It was more than scorching and far beyond impassioned. We get a glimpse into where they began; the love between them was palpable, as was the heartache when they walked away. I truly believe this was how it was meant to happen. He was meant to be theirs.

My eyes were a bit misty more than once, but more often due to the love that radiates through every single page of Lyla and Sammi’s story. Is there a name for swooning so hard that you end up with misty eyes and a “shimmering essence”? Sworny? Hwoony? Whatever, it’s a thing. If you don’t believe me, it’s only because you haven’t met Lyle Livingston yet.

Whether it’s an angsty ugly cry or laugh out loud romantic comedy, a rock star or a contractor, Orgeron has a way of making each and every character she creates feel as though you are a part of the story, not merely reading it. She plucks you straight from real life, immersing you in a fictional world that offers a reprieve and an invigorating recharge that makes it possible to face the real-world troubles you needed to escape from.

One Night Standards was exactly what my heart needed. An all-consuming combination of explosive chemistry, a swoony alpha hero, a sassy heroine, witty AF banter, sprinkles of feels, laugh-out-loud scenarios, and uber-spicy steam. Above all is the love pouring from every page, whether it’s between friends, siblings, parents, or each couple; the love they share will stay with you long after you reach the end.

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