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Only One Love by Natasha Madison ~ Review


I didn’t think it was possible, but Franny and Wilson skated right up on the front line beside Madison’s OG hockey players.

Franny is my spirit animal…y’all, her father’s Mathew, and she has a tremendous amount of his traits flowing in her veins. It made me love her even more.

Franny had no filter and no “fs” to give. She knew who she was and what she wanted, she owned it. She has a fiery sass and a tenacious independence. I admired how she knew exactly what she wanted and pursued it in a way that only Mathew Grant’s daughter could.

Wilson was labeled as the “bad boy of hockey” early in his career, but the media capitalized on that and then honed in on the last few seconds of any situation to find a clip that fit their narrative. He may have given off a bad boy vibe and pulled off broody like a ppro. However,on the inside, he was so much more than what he let others see. He stole my heart and made me swoon, but then his protective alpha side showed up and I was DONE…. What more could you want in a book boyfriend?

Franny and Wilson instantly felt an electrifying physical connection. And, while neither had previously been the type to bring emotions into the mix, it wasn’t a conscious decision made by either. When they met, it was all it took for their hearts to beat as one.

Madison weaves a romantic tale that resonates so deeply that you become emotionally involved with the fictional characters and their family. When you walk away, you carry that love with you, and I can’t express how much this story affected my heart and mind. It was the love between a father and his daughter today that I needed. I was lost inside my own head, missing mine, and this story was the reminder I needed of a father’s love.

Only One Love is my new favorite. An heartwarming combination of electrifying chemistry, a swoony alpha hero, a sassy heroine, entertaining banter, and steam. All within a world that is bursting with every facet of love…romantic, friends, family, and the love between father and daughter is what my soul has been missing.


From USA TODAY bestselling author Natasha Madison comes a brand new stand alone sports romance. The seventh installment of the Only One Series. A spin off from the Something So Series and This is Series

I was the bad boy on and off the ice.
I loved it — owned it.
Hockey. Women. Money.
Until she came into the picture.
Now, all I want to do is be better.
I want to prove to myself I don’t have to be the guy everyone thinks I am.
She knocked down the walls I spent my whole life building.

My last name opened the doors, but proving I was worth the title of TV producer took all of my time.
He walked in with a chip on his shoulder.
I was happy to point out all his flaws.
Falling for him was inevitable.
When scandal hits, no one expected me to stand by his side.
Not even him.
But I’ve learned that you get only one love.

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