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ONLY ONE NIGHT by Natasha Madison ~ Review

I’m not even sure where to begin.

Only One Night has all of the elements that Natasha Madison brings to her books, electrifying chemistry, swoon worthy hero, sassy heroine, witty banter, steam, but this book had an element that took me off guard, a gentle reminder that we don’t live in a world where everything is simple, we live in a world surrounded by areas of grey.

Manning is the captain of the Texas Oilers, a father, and married, but our lives aren’t always what others see. Sometimes we show the world what we want them to see while keeping the realness of our lives stored out of sight from prying eyes.

Evelyn is back in her hometown starting a new chapter in her life. She was sassy, intelligent, kind, and incredibly thoughtful of others.

All it takes is Manning and Evelyn’s hands making contact as they reach to open a door and you can feel the chemistry between them ignite. Only one night and they walk away from one another but fate had other ideas.

One night and their physical chemistry was out of this world but there was also a connection between them that was much deeper than that. When they run into one another again it starts a snowball effect of more intense chemistry, deeper emotional connection, and some moments that are a reality check that are more like a throat punch to your feels.

I’m completely blown away by Manning and Evelyn’s story. I’m usually a firm believer that some things are black and white, yet, Natasha Madison has woven together this story that makes it profoundly clear that there’s an area of grey surrounding most things. Only One Night is rife with electrifying chemistry, witty banter, a swoon worthy hero, a genuine heroine, steam, and a panorama of feels.

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