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OVERACHIEVER by S.M. Shade ~ Review

This is the ultimate laugh out loud romcom. 

Remee is focused on her goals but with a little change in her summer plans she has an opportunity to keep on track for those goals while also allowing her the opportunity to let her hair down and have some much needed fun. Remee is stubborn and determination personified but once she sets foot in Florida she lets out more of herself and it’s refreshing to see her laugh, show some sass, and her the lighter side of her personality.

Owen is everything, if you made a list of everything you wanted in a book boyfriend and honestly a real life one, Owen’s face would appear in a mirage right in front of you. He’s funny, sweet, swoon worthy, and alpha when the time is right *wink*. He’s the type of person that will make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.

On paper it doesn’t seem like Remee and Owen fit but their chemistry is palpable and they complete one another. Remee is obsessively focused on the plans she has for her life and Owen breathes laughter and fun into her perfectly orchestrated world. Owen is a flurry of goofy, and takes everything life hands him with a smile and a joke, Remee calms the whirlwind that is Owen.

S.M. Shade has created a series that is one of a kind and unmatchable in the romcom category. Overachiever is without question the funniest book I have ever read. An extraordinary blend of chemistry, a stubborn sassy heroine, a goofy, swoon worthy alpha, an abundance of laugh out loud moments, more snort laughing moments than I’ve ever had, witty banter, a touch of feels, and steam.

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